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0118 Martin Krummholz, Antonio Porta and Seventeenth-Century Central European Architecture
The text places the work of Antonio Porta (1631/32-1702) in the broader context of European architecture. It emphasises the close connections between Porta's architecture and the work of Francesco Caratti and Jean Baptiste Mathey, [...]
0117 Barbara Murovec, Zwischen Methodologie und Ideologie: Slowenische Kunsthistoriker der Wiener Schule nach 1945
The institutionalisation of Slovenian art history began in 1913, when France Stele (1886-1972), a student of Max Dvořak (1874-1921), was appointed the conservator of the province of Carniola. [...]
0116 Katarina Horvat-Levaj, The Sicilian Architect Tommaso Maria Napoli and the Baroque Cathedral of Dubrovnik
The design of the Dubrovnik Cathedral (1671-1713) – a monumental three-nave basilica with a dome over the crossing – was commissioned, thanks to Abbot Stjepan Gradić, from the Roman architect Andrea Bufalini. [...]
0115 Arthur Valle, Transnational Dialogues in the Images of A Ilustração, 1884-1892
A Ilustração, directed by the Portuguese Mariano Pina (1860-1899) and published between May 1884 and January 1892, was a Luso-Brazilian illustrated magazine that for most of its existence was edited and printed in Paris before being sent to its [...]
0114 Filip Lipiński, Figurations of memory in the virtual field of art (history) (English version)
The article discusses the location of memory and its relations with perception in contemporary art, as well as how memory takes part and resurfaces in artistic practice. I point to the impossibility of [...]
0113 Filip Lipiński, Figuracje pamięci w wirtualnym polu (historii) sztuki (Polish version)
Artykuł dotyczy miejsca pamięci oraz jej związku z percepcją w sztuce współczesnej, a także sposobów, w jaki pamięć uczestniczy i ujawnia się w praktykach artystycznych. Zwracam uwagę na niemożliwość [...]
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