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0095 James W. Nelson Novoa, Legitimacy through Art in the Rome of Gregory XIII: The Commission to Baldassarre Croce in the Fonseca Chapel of San Giacomo degli Spagnoli
The article deals with the commission made out by the Portuguese merchant-banker António da Fonseca to Baldassarre Croce to decorate his family chapel in the church of San Giacomo degli Spagnoli in Rome, the national church of Castille [...]
0094 Volker Heenes, On sixteenth-century copies of the reliefs from the Column of Trajan – Two new drawings from an unknown rotulus
This article presents two recently discovered drawings of the reliefs on the Trajan's column. To put them in their proper artistic context, the drawings are compared to known examples of [...]
0093 Volodymyr Hucul, The Battle of Orsha – court propaganda or chivalric epic? (English version)
The Battle of Orsha, part of the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, an example of panel painting (1525–1535), is of paramount importance for the study of the military, as well as for the research in art history, material history, and the history of [...]
0092 Volodymyr Hucul, Obraz Bitwa pod Orszą – propaganda dworska czy epos rycerski? (Polish version)
Bitwa pod Orszą, znajdująca się w zbiorach Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie, jest zabytkiem malarstwa tablicowego (1525–1535) i ma ogromne znaczenie dla [...]
0091 Júlia Papp, John Brampton Philpot's photographs of fictile ivory in the Hungarian National Museum
In the Archeological Archives of the Hungarian National Museum you can find a series of photographs depicting fictile ivory. Made up of 265 items, the series were produced by John Brampton Philpot [...]
0090 Gergely Barki, The Steins and the Hungarians
The traveling exhibition "The Steins Collect" draws attention to the importance of the canon-shaping work that took place in two tiny Parisian ateliers at the beginning of the 20th century [...]
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