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0247 Svetlana Makeeva, Installation: Genre, Medium, or What?

Since its emergence at the international scene in the 1970s, installation has been one of the artforms central to the contemporary art system. Yet at the theoretical level the issue of its categorial framework remains unresolved. Concepts and terms such as "genre", "medium", "intermediality", "post-medium" and "postconceptual" condition have all been applied to installation art. […]

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0245 Katarina Horvat-Levaj and Margareta Turkalj Podmanicki, A Symbol of Habsburg Military Power: the Slavonian General Command Palace in Osijek (1723)

The Palace of the Slavonian General Command in Osijek stands out from kindred administrative buildings in the wider Central-European region. Its richly diversified exterior accentuated by a portal with atlantes, and a complex interior organized around a three-aisled vestibule indicate that the origins of the design lay in the Baroque architecture of Vienna […]

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0221 Rachel E. Perry, Painting in Danger: Jean Dubuffet's Hautes Pâtes

Jean Dubuffet made his dramatic breakthrough into the art world in 1946 with what would become his signature innovation, the hautes pâtes (thick or high pastes). This article highlights the uneasy double bind Dubuffet found himself in, as his theoretical interest in ephemerality gave way to his clients’ and dealers’ practical concerns over the material durability of his work.

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