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0119 Patrick Kragelund, Nathanson, Eckersberg's Moses, and Danish Haskalah ('Reformed Judaism')
Among the patrons of the young C. W. Eckersberg (1783-1853), the Jewish merchant M.L. Nathanson (1780-1868) was the most important. A key figure in the process eventually leading to [...]
0118 Martin Krummholz, Antonio Porta and Seventeenth-Century Central European Architecture
The text places the work of Antonio Porta (1631/32-1702) in the broader context of European architecture. It emphasises the close connections between Porta's architecture and the work of Francesco Caratti and Jean Baptiste Mathey, [...]
0117 Barbara Murovec, Zwischen Methodologie und Ideologie: Slowenische Kunsthistoriker der Wiener Schule nach 1945
The institutionalisation of Slovenian art history began in 1913, when France Stele (1886-1972), a student of Max Dvořak (1874-1921), was appointed the conservator of the province of Carniola. [...]
0116 Katarina Horvat-Levaj, The Sicilian Architect Tommaso Maria Napoli and the Baroque Cathedral of Dubrovnik
The design of the Dubrovnik Cathedral (1671-1713) – a monumental three-nave basilica with a dome over the crossing – was commissioned, thanks to Abbot Stjepan Gradić, from the Roman architect Andrea Bufalini. [...]
0115 Arthur Valle, Transnational Dialogues in the Images of A Ilustração, 1884-1892
A Ilustração, directed by the Portuguese Mariano Pina (1860-1899) and published between May 1884 and January 1892, was a Luso-Brazilian illustrated magazine that for most of its existence was edited and printed in Paris before being sent to its [...]
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