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Anne Ring Petersen

Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen


Anne Ring Petersen (dr.phil., PhD) is associate professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her academic work has until now concentrated on the modern period from 1850 until the present. The visual arts after 1960 are her primary field of research, and she generally focuses on the relations and exchange between artistic modes of expression and their cultural, social and historical contexts. Her most recent publication is the co-edited anthology Contemporary Painting in Context (2010). She is also the author of a study of installation art, Installationskunsten mellem billede og scene (Installation Art Between Image and Stage, 2009) and a book about representations of the city in the visual arts, Storbyens billeder. Fra industrialisme til informationsalder (Images of the City: From the Age of Industrialism to the Age of Information, 2002).

More information on: http://artsandculturalstudies.ku.dk/staff/profile/?id=2961