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0068 Liliana Krantz-Domasłowska, Double cities in the Teutonic state on the example of Toruń
Toruń is the first exemplification of a double city on the territory of the Teutonic state. The ancient, 13th-century pedigree of the Old and New Town prompts a question about [...]
0067 Liliana Krantz-Domasłowska, Miasta podwójne w państwie krzyżackim – przykład Torunia
Toruń to pierwszy na terenie państwa krzyżackiego przykład miasta podwójnego. Wczesna, trzynastowieczna metryka Starego i Nowego Miasta skłania do pytania o przyczyny, jak [...]
0066 Marta Filipová, National treasure or a redundant relic: the roles of the vernacular in Czech art
The article examines the reception of folk art in the visual culture of Bohemia and Czechoslovakia and focuses on the shift in the meaning of folk art in the period of early twentieth-century modernism. It examines closely the [...]
0065 Gerbert Verheij, Art and politics in the former "Portuguese Colonial Empire". The monument to Mouzinho de Albuquerque in Lourenço Marques
In 1940, a monument to Mouzinho de Albuquerque is inaugurated in the former capital of the Portuguese Colony of Mozambique, Lourenço Marques. The result of a lenghty comissioning process, this homage to [...]
0064 Herman van Bergeijk, "Ein großer Vorsprung gegenüber Deutschland". Die niederländischen Architekten auf der Bauhausausstellung von 1923 in Weimar
This article discusses the Dutch contribution to the International Architecture Exhibition that was part of the Bauhaus Manifestation in 1923. The Dutch architect J.J.P. Oud, together with [...]
0063 Eduardo Lamas-Delgado, Partnership between painters and sculptors in 17th-century Spain: on model drawings by Francisco Rizi for an altarpiece of the Expectant Virgin
This paper deals with a case study of the collaboration between sculptors and painters in the context of the construction of altarpieces in 17th-century Spain. It analyses [...]
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