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0101 Fabien Benuzzi, Committenze europee di scultura veneziana nel Settecento. Una panoramica e alcune ipotesi di lavoro
Research on the European success of Venetian art during the 18th century has above all examined the activity of the painters. This paper analyzes the works of Venetian sculptors through some important case studies. […]
0100 Jesper Svenningsen, A noble circle. The vogue for collecting Italian paintings in Denmark 1690-1730
This article presents a closer look at an important moment in the history of art collecting in Denmark when Italian art first began to be admired by noble virtuosi. During the last decade of the 17th [...]
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0099 J. Pedro Lorente, Monuments devoted to artists in public spaces around museums: A nineteenth-century strategy to enhance the urban space of art districts
Monuments to kings or military heroes have always been positioned in main squares and avenues, whilst those erected to famous cultural figures were a novelty introduced [...]
0098 Hans-Ernst Mittig, Offene Kapitel beim Umgang mit NS-Kunst in Museum, Ausstellung und Forschung
Research on, and presentation of, Nazi art raises specific questions. In the present article, open questions in dealing with Nazi art are discussed with regard to selected exhibitions and works. Moreover, [...]
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