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0087 Matthew Craske, Model Making and Anti-Competitive Practices in the Late Eighteenth-Century London Sculpture Trade
This article concerns the generation of anti-competitive practices, and the associated discontents, that rose to the fore in the London sculpture trade in the late eighteenth century (1770-1799). It charts the [...]
0086 Katie Scott, Persuasion: Nicolas Pineau's Designs on the Social
This essay offers a Latourian account of the wood sculptor Nicolas Pineau's design process via a reading of Jean-François Bastide's novella La petite maison. It argues that [...]
0085 Deanna Petherbridge, Graphic Intersections: Erga, Parerga and Pro-Erga
The place where design and art intersect is drawing with its elastic capability of functioning as the whole, the preparatory and the supplementary work. Drawing doesn't only occur at the level of individual practice but [...]
0084 Marta Ajmar, Mechanical Disegno
The article argues that the debate around Italian Renaissance disegno has tended to overemphasize the rhetoric promoting a separation between design and execution, mind and body, and asserting [...]
0083 Glenn Adamson, Special Issue "When Art History Meets Design History" – Introduction
In this special issue you will find discussion of several episodes in the relationship between the fine and the decorative arts, ranging from the Renaissance to the late nineteenth century. As readers will discover, [...]
0082 Wojciech Szymański, All about Eve. Eva Hesse and the Post-Minimalist Romantic Irony (English version)
The article employs the category of Romantic irony for an interpretation of Eva Hesse's work. It takes as its starting point one of Arthur Danto's texts, where the American philosopher [...]
0081 Wojciech Szymański, Wszystko o Ewie. Eva Hesse i postminimalistyczna ironia romantyczna (Polish version)
Artykuł jest propozycją interpretacyjną twórczości Evy Hesse w kontekście ironii romantycznej. Punkt wyjścia rozważań stanowi jeden z tekstów autorstwa Arthura Danto, w którym amerykański filozof dokonuje [...]
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