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0053 Anna Bednarek, Fotografia na rynku aukcyjnym w Polsce (Polish Version)
W artykule podjęta została analiza stanu aukcyjnego rynku fotografii w Polsce w oparciu o wyniki sprzedaży z okresu od pierwszej aukcji fotografii (1996) do końca 2011 roku. Dane te pozwalają czytelnikowi na zapoznanie się z [...]
0052 Pavel Suchánek, 'Peintre de Sa Majesté Britannique'. Franz Adolph of Freenthal and his portrait of Maximilian Hamilton, Prince-Bishop of Olomouc
This essay examines the portrait of Maximilian von Hamilton (1714-1776), the last Prince-Bishop of Olomouc/Olmütz, painted between 1769 and 1772 by Franz Adolph of Freenthal (1721-1773), a former painter to the British royal court. [...]
0051 Wood Roberdeau, Poetic Recuperations: The Ideology and Praxis of Nouveau Réalisme
Taking previously un-translated writings of critic Pierre Restany as a primary source, this article demonstrates how his vision for the Nouveau Réaliste movement of the 1950s and 1960s demands a [...]
0050 Marek Zgórniak, Polish students at the Académie Julian until 1919 (English Version)
The subject of the article is the presence of Polish students in the most important private artistic school in Paris in the second half of the 19th century. The extant records regarding the atelier for male students made it possible to [...]
0049 Marek Zgórniak, Polscy uczniowie Académie Julian do roku 1919 (Polish Version)
Przedmiotem artykułu jest obecność Polaków w najważniejszej prywatnej szkole artystycznej Paryża drugiej połowy XIX wieku. Zachowane archiwalia pracowni dla panów posłużyły do [...]
0048 Fae Brauer, Contesting "Le corps militaire": Antimilitarism, Pacificism, Anarcho-Communism and 'Le Douanier' Rousseau's La Guerre
The 1889 Military Law, far from being of no concern to neo-impressionists, was the subject of antimilitarist cartoons by Maximilien Luce and antimilitarist paintings by the neo-impressionist outsider, 'Le douanier' Rousseau. [...]
0047 Claire Maingon, Claude Monet, mentor ou repoussoir de la génération néo-impressionniste?
Was Monet the father of neo-impressionism? This article investiges the various answers that have been offered to this controversial question by examining the relationships [...]
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