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0063 Eduardo Lamas-Delgado, Partnership between painters and sculptors in 17th-century Spain: on model drawings by Francisco Rizi for an altarpiece of the Expectant Virgin
This paper deals with a case study of the collaboration between sculptors and painters in the context of the construction of altarpieces in 17th-century Spain. It analyses [...]
0062 Eva Fotiadi, Doing Language: Narratives from an Activists' World in the Austrian Art World of the 1990s
The article refers to the political art scene in Austria during the 1990s and early 2000s. Participatory art-activism projects are juxtaposed to artistic work used for political activism [...]
0061 Yvonne Schmuhl, Das Inkarnat in der griechischen Malerei
Up to the present the flesh tone in painting of the classical Greek period has been only in the interest of a few archaeologists. In contrast to the approaches of these researchers, [...]
0060 Werner Oechslin, L'idea della architettura universale: Vincenzo Scamozzis Grundlegung einer Theorie der Architektur
Scamozzi's Idea della architettura universale (1615) is the last architectural treatise endeavoring to provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing presentation of all theoretical and practical issues pertaining to architecture. [...]
0059 Margaret Daly Davis, Vincenzo Scamozzi als Leser der antiken Schriftquellen und Denkmäler: Der "Indice copiosissimo" zu Sebastiano Serlio
Already in his early youth Sebastiano Serlio's writings were well-known to Vincenzo Scamozzi. In particular Serlio's third book, dedicated to ancient Roman architecture, and his first two books on geometry and perspective, formed [...]
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