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0091 Júlia Papp, John Brampton Philpot's photographs of fictile ivory in the Hungarian National Museum
In the Archeological Archives of the Hungarian National Museum you can find a series of photographs depicting fictile ivory. Made up of 265 items, the series were produced by John Brampton Philpot [...]
0090 Gergely Barki, The Steins and the Hungarians
The traveling exhibition "The Steins Collect" draws attention to the importance of the canon-shaping work that took place in two tiny Parisian ateliers at the beginning of the 20th century [...]
0089 Caroline Arscott, Morris Carpets
William Morris's carpet designs have been discussed in terms of design scheme, historical sources, naturalism and abstraction. This essay revisits some of these aspects in order to [...]
0088 Anne Puetz, Drawing from Fancy: The Intersection of Art and Design in Mid-Eighteenth-Century London
This paper attempts to bring the world of mid-eighteenth-century British design into fruitful conversation with contemporary art theory and practice. Taking the neighbourhood and milieu of the St Martin's Lane area in London [...]
0087 Matthew Craske, Model Making and Anti-Competitive Practices in the Late Eighteenth-Century London Sculpture Trade
This article concerns the generation of anti-competitive practices, and the associated discontents, that rose to the fore in the London sculpture trade in the late eighteenth century (1770-1799). It charts the [...]
0086 Katie Scott, Persuasion: Nicolas Pineau's Designs on the Social
This essay offers a Latourian account of the wood sculptor Nicolas Pineau's design process via a reading of Jean-François Bastide's novella La petite maison. It argues that [...]
0085 Deanna Petherbridge, Graphic Intersections: Erga, Parerga and Pro-Erga
The place where design and art intersect is drawing with its elastic capability of functioning as the whole, the preparatory and the supplementary work. Drawing doesn't only occur at the level of individual practice but [...]
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