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Upcoming Publications

In our next special issue, entitled "Precarious Past? Research on Baroque Architecture in East Central Europe under Socialism", authors from Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary survey the interpretative modells applied to Baroque architecture by architectural historians in Eastern Europe during the Cold War era. Guest-editors: Michaela Marek and Eva Pluhařová-Grigienė, Humboldt-University, Berlin.

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0189-0197 Special Issue "Gottfried Lindauer – Painting New Zealand", eds. Alexandra Karentzos, Miriam Oesterreich and Britta Schmitz

"Gottfried Lindauer – Painting New Zealand" breaks new ground in the debate on cultural transfer processes of the 19th century. It generates new perspectives on past as well as present exhibition regimes, addressing questions of colonial self-presentation and representation, both of which are intellectually intriguing and currently the subject of politically-charged controversy. The dissonance between how the Māori used and valued portraiture and how the West viewed and reflected on the pictorial is discussed, as are negotiations over the documentary and the pictorial.

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