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For Readers

Reading Articles

Open Access: RIHA Journal is an Open Access Journal. All articles published in RIHA Journal are available free of charge.

RSS Feed: New articles are published one at a time. Subscribe to our RSS Feed to keep up to date with new articles (click the RSS button at the end of the page)!

Long-term archiving is provided by the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek). Each article has its own URN (to be found in the metadata) warranting the article's persistent identifiability and accessibility in the web. For more information on URNs, what they are and how they work, please see the website of the German National Library (English/German). The German National Library also offers a URN resolving service (in German).

License: Unless otherwise indicated, articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0. Please note that this does not pertain to copyright protected image material used in an article.

Images: Most RIHA Journal articles come along with a separate image folder. If applicable, you will find a link "Images" at the top of the article, next to the links to the PDF and the article's metadata. In addition, images in the text are directly linked to that image folder. In the image folder, you can click the images for enlarged view. For additional zooming, press the "ctrl +" or "ctrl -" key. Please note that for license and copyright reasons, for some images the enlarged view may not be available.

Web Browsers: We recommend using the web browsers Firefox or Internet Explorer. Please note, however, that with some web browsers, esp. Internet Explorer or Opera, some hyperlinks in the articles' Tables of Contents may not work properly. These problems are due to the browsers, and do not indicate programming or formatting mistakes on the part of RIHA Journal.

Commenting on Articles

How to comment on: You are welcome to comment on articles published in RIHA Journal.
To add a comment, you need to log in to the website. If you have no login yet, please register with this form. Your email address is used for the registration process only and will not be transmitted to any third party. As soon as your registration is verified by our Managing Editor, you will receive a login name and password via email. You can then proceed to publish your comment. Simply follow the instructions after hitting the "add comment" button at the end of the article in question.

Netiquette: We look forward to critical comments and discussions, assuming, of course, fairness, respect, and constructive intentions as well as high scholarly standards. Also, we kindly ask you to keep your comments brief and to the point, and to sign with your full name. Comments not in accordance with this netiquette may be removed by the editors.

Citing Articles

Bibliographic Format: To cite a RIHA Journal article, we recommend the format as given in the following example:
Michèle Hannoosh, "Histoire d'une édition: le Journal de Delacroix, archéologie et reconstitution d'un document", RIHA Journal 0001 (14 April 2010), URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-20100415398URL: (accessed 15 April 2010).
The URN can be found in the article's metadata.
When referring to a particular paragraph within the text, please include the respective paragraph number.

Paragraph Numbers: By intention, the PDFs of the articles have no page numbers. This is to secure consistent and unambiguous references to RIHA Journal articles, independently from whether readers are referring to the PDF or the website. References should always be specified by paragraph numbers.