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Andrzej Kozieł

Wrocław Institute of Art History, University of Wrocław, Poland

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Born in 1966, Andrzej Kozieł is an art historian and professor at the University of Wrocław. He specializes in Baroque painting and drawing in Central Europe and is the author resp. co-author of: Drawings of Michael Willmann (1630-1706) (2000), Op Nederlandse Manier. Netherlandish Inspirations in Silesian Art in 15th - 18th Century (2001), Michael Willmann und sein Kreis: Johann Christoph Liška, Georg Wilhelm Neunhertz und Johann Jacob Eybelwieser - Zeichnungen (2001), Angelus Silesius, Bernhard Rosa and Michael Willmann or Art and Mysticism in Silesia in Baroque Times (2006), Michael Willmanns Gemälde unter der Lupe (2010), Michael Willmann and His Painting Workshop (2013) and over 50 articles. He was organizer and co-organizer of several exhibitions and international conferences and is engaged in several projects promoting Baroque art in Silesia, e.g. The Virtual Museum of Baroque Ceiling Paintings in Silesia (

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