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Ellis, Ngarino

University of Auckland

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Dr Ngarino Ellis (Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou) is a Senior Lecturer in Art History at the University of Auckland. Since 1997 she has been working in the field of Maori art history, which encompasses Maori art and culture from ca 1800 to the present day, and includes both marae (community) and gallery-based art practices. Within this field, she has concentrated on pre-1900 art, especially tribal carving traditions, decorated Maori churches and moko. Her recent book A Whakapapa of Tradition: One Hundred Years of Ngati Porou Carving (2016) won three awards, including in the National Book Awards and Maori Book Awards. She has published on Lindauer and his presentation of Maori adornment for the exhibition catalogue which accompanied his exhibition in Auckland Art gallery. She has also published on Maori meeting houses overseas (two chapters in Rauru. Masterpiece of the Maori (2012) and the practice of moko signatures (Journal of the Polynesian Society (2014). Currently she is completing a manuscript on Maori Art History entitled Toi Te Mana. A History of Indigenous Art from Aotearoa New Zealand with Professor Deidre Brown, funded through the Royal Marsden Fund. She has also been developing research projects on the 20th century master carvers Pine and Hone Taiapa, and a collaboration on Maori body adornment.

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