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Kragelund, Patrick

Danmarks Kunstbibliotek (The Danish National Art Library), Copenhagen, Denmark

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Patrick Kragelund is director of the Danish National Art Library (e-mail He is a ph.d. in classics (Copenhagen, 1982); was assistant director at the Danish Academy in Rome (1984-90), then worked at the University of Aarhus before becoming a librarian in 1998; his "Habilitation", Abildgaard - kunstneren blandt oprørerne (1999), uses the library of the artist as a gateway back into the enigmatic world of his imagery. His research focuses on history of collections, on Danish art of the 17th and 18th centuries and (returning to ph.d. issues) on Roman Historical Drama, from Antiquity to the Romantics (title of forthcoming monograph).

Former RIHA Journal local editor of The Danish National Art Library, Copenhagen

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