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Rodney T. Swan

University of New South Wales, Sydney

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Dr Rodney T. Swan is an Adjunct Academic at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He holds a Master’s degree in Arts Administration (2011) and was awarded a PhD in June 2016, with a thesis titled “Resistance and Resurgence; the cultural and political dynamic of the livre d’artiste and the German Occupation of France”. His research analyses the adoption of the French artist’s book as a strategic instrument of cultural resistance in occupied France, specifically examining the wide spectrum of innovative codes and symbols that artists camouflaged in the images of their books to communicate their messages. In further research, through extensive electronic analysis, he has identified an unattributed resurgence of the artist’s illustrated book in post-war France. Rodney has written extensively and presented numerous papers on artist’s books. In his previous life, he was in business and has a BSc(Hons) (Engineering) and a MTech(OR).

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