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Tipton, Susan

Independent scholar

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Susan Tipton (b. 1961 in Mannheim), studied art history, history and archaeology at the FU Berlin and the LMU Munich; specialized in the arts and culture of Early Modern Europe; published on political iconography ['Res publica bene ordinata'. Mirrors for princes, Instructions for magistrates and Images of good goverment in Early Modern European Town Halls (Phil. Diss. Munich 1994), Hildesheim/Zürich/New York 1996], the history of collections ["'My passion for paintings…': The collections of Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm (1658-1716) at Düsseldorf mirrored in his correspondence", Münchner Jahrbuch der Bildenden Kunst, LVII, 2006 (2007), p. 71-331], portrait and caricature [Exh. Cat. Katharina die Große, Kassel, Museum Fridericianum 1997/1998], court culture, festival and pageantry [Exh. Cat.  Theatrum Mundi - Die Welt als Bühne, München, Haus der Kunst 2003], and diplomatic ceremonial in 16th and 17th century painting ["Diplomacy and ceremonial in ambassador's paintings by Carlevarijs und Canaletto", RIHA-Journal 0008 (2010)]; curator and exhibition coordinator (Staatliche Museen Kassel 1995/98; The Detroit Institute of Arts, MI, 2001/03); independent scholar based in Munich.

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